Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer same day deliveries?

Yes, we do. On most days and especially during the heart of the heating season when we have three or four trucks out across Berks County, we can accommodate same day and emergency deliveries. If you call before 10:00 AM it is normally possible. Same day delivery fee applies.

What is your minimum delivery?

Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons.

How do I know if you will deliver to my location?

If you live in Berks County, Pennsylvania we deliver heating oil to your house or business. We also deliver to a few zip codes outside of Berks County. Our website will ask you to input your delivery zip code so we can confirm. Please call the office (610-921-2274) if you are not sure.

Do you deliver to businesses or just homes? What if I rent my home?

We deliver to all homes and business and have customers of all sizes and types. If you rent your home or business location that's no problem. We'd be happy to have you as a customer. If you are a landlord of rental properties, please be aware that we are required to charge and collect PA sales tax from you for each delivery – no exceptions!

Do you deliver to my area of Berks County every day?

Yes and No. During the busy winter heating season we generally are out delivering heating oil to customers in all parts of Reading and Berks County. But, in the slower, warmer months, we try to schedule efficiently and have fewer trucks on the road. So, during the slow months we might only be in your neighborhood a couple of times a week.

When will my order be filled?

Our goal is to make your delivery within two business days (except weekends and holidays). Watch your email for confirmation.

Do I need to be home when you deliver?

If you are a new customer or not had a delivery in the past 18 months, we will need to inspect your tank before your first delivery. You do not need to be home when we make your delivery UNLESS you ran out of oil and need a "prime and start" or your fill pipe is not accessible from outside. Please provide this information in the “Special Instructions” section when ordering online.

Will you deliver on Saturdays or Sundays?

During our busy season and especially when we get cold, snowy weather, we generally can and do schedule Saturday deliveries. During the slow months, we schedule all deliveries during the Monday – Friday work week. We give everyone at Reddi Oil Sundays off to spend with family and friends.

I ordered more oil than my tank can hold. What do I do?

You have two options: the credit balance can be left on your account to use towards your next Reddi Oil purchase, or you can call Reddi Oil to request a refund. You will be issued a check in the amount of the credit balance.

Will you service my equipment?

We don't service or install heating or air conditioning equipment. We like to focus on what we do best – delivering heating oil to our customers in Berks County. Our drivers are trained to do "prime and starts" which you may need if you ever run completely out of heating oil. Through a local partnership with E.G. Smith, Inc. we refer our Reddi Oil customers for any service or installation of heating and cooling equipment.

How can you offer such cheap heating oil?

That's our favorite question! We only do one thing and we do it very well. We don't sell equipment or alarm systems or water softeners or service contracts….we only sell and deliver the highest quality heating oil. And, we've been around for almost 20 years so our reputation and credit are both excellent. We are able to offer such low prices because we don't have to keep inventory, have a large staff, or worry about keeping service technicians busy all year long. We love our business model!

If I have a LIHEAP account, can I order online?

No. LIHEAP orders must be placed by phone or in person.